New name: Electronza


We’re moving! It’s time to say good-bye to! Welcome!

This blog post is more than two years old.

I plan for some time to move on a better domain, with a shorter name. However, finding a suitable domain is quite a difficult task, as most good domain names were already taken. Furthermore, I wanted a catchy domain name. A name that’s easy to spell and remember in almost all languages.

Another requirement was to have its Romanian counterpart available too, to accommodate future growth.

And finally, here it is: ELECTRONZA.

Of course, the old domain will continue to exist for at least a few years, so links to the blog posts won’t be broken.

However, you can get some SSL certifficate errors, at least until the new SSL certificates are installed. Redirecting https domains is a proverbial pain-in-the-well-you-know, and you will see some warnings if you come from the old domain.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the connection is not secure, it’s just temporary until the transfer is completed.

In the mean time small issues are to be expected, as the DNS records won’t propagate at the same time for everyone. Just bear with me, everything will be working fine soon.

Electronza becomes bi-lingual

Another change is that we’re going bi-lingual. I’ve decided to add support for Romanian, my native language. All new posts will be available both in English and in Romanian. Older posts will be translated into Romanian based on my available time. Anyway, in a month or two all the older posts will have their translations published.

Yours truly,
Teodor Costachioiu


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