What about Fritzing parts?


A few days ago I needed to showcase some of my projects to a bunch of friends, and I wanted to use Fritzing to create drawings to connect one Arduino Uno and some click boards. Bad luck, there are no Fritzing parts for MikroElektronika click boards.

This blog post is more than two years old.

I ended up by drawing everything I could do in Fritzing, then I exported the drawing in SVG format. Afther this I used Inkscape to import the SVG files, and I’ve added the click boards as images and I drew the connecting wires in Inkscape. Job done…

However, this was a cumbersome approach, and I’m not so eager to try this approach again.

Instead, I’m thinking to create some Fritzing parts for the click boards that I use most often. This also requires a lot of time and a significant amount of work, so I want to know: are you interested in having Fritzing parts for click boards?

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