Home repairs…


If you wonder why I haven’t written anything new, well, it’s because I’m performing some repairs at home, to prepare for the forthcoming winter. The thing is that I had some leaking windows, and I had to do some upgrades to match the changes in the building code – this includes the need to put an automatic gas shutdown valve in the kitchen, which was optional until this year.

To make things worst, the Internet connection at home failed after eight years due to a broken cable. It was a good opportunity to switch to fiber optics, but it kept me from working for a few days.

Anyway, what was supposed to be a two or three days job turned into a two weeks endeavor. But things are finally back in order, and I can focus on blogging. Several products are on my workbench awaiting review. Also, the Clicker2 for PIC32MX has now direct Arduino IDE support – time to put it to the test. Several other projects are in different stages, and they will be ready soon to be posted.

So bear with me, new blog posts are coming soon.

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