Exagear V2: now with OpenGL support


A new version of Exagear studio was just released yesterday by Eltechs team, bringing OpenGL support in Raspberry Pi. As stated in their blog post,

This article is more than two years old and might contain obsolete information; it is still kept here for informational purposes.

3D graphics support has became possible due to efforts of Raspbian developers (especially Eric Anholt) who has implemented OpenGL driver in Raspbian and Eltechs team hard work which resulted in forwarding OpneGL calls from x86 to hardware.

That’s exciting news for retro gaming aficionados, as now one can play games that use hardware graphics acceleration. So, if you have spent a lot of time building yourself a nice Raspberry Pi arcade cabinet, it’s time to consider a software update and a whole range of games to play.

I have tried some games from the 2000th, such as Diablo, Counter Strike, and GTA, and I’m very happy with the performance offered by the new version. On a Raspberry PI 3 model B, I found no hanging and little or no lag at all. Better than playing on my old Pentium IV PC.

I’ve also found a list of many games with OpenGL support. I think anything released in the 2000s will work on the Raspberry Pi. And there’s also a list of OpenGL programs.

If you wish to see a demonstration of the performance of this new version of Exagear, there’s a nice video released by the Eltechs team:

I will leave you to enjoy your old games, In the meantime, I’m going to dust off my own archive of old games.


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