Arduino: 16×8 game of life


Here is a quick weekend project: a game of life implemented using one Arduino Uno, one Arduino Uno Click shield and two 8×8 LED matrix B click boards from MikroElektronika

This blog post is more than two years old.

The code is a variation of 8×8 GoL code, which I have adapted to work with the LedControl library. I have also removed the randomization of the initial state. Of course, you can add it later, for more fun. I also changed the initial state to the acorn pattern, which evolves over a longer period of time.


Arduino game of life

Arduino game of life project using click shield and two 8×8 blue click boards

The code is pretty self-explanatory. One thing though: by the way the click shield is designed, the two 8×8 blue click boards are not chained, They use separate CS pins (or load, as it’s named in the LedControl library). I had to compensate this by using two instances of LedControl, one for each 8×8 click board. So, here’s the code:

And finally, a short video of the working project.


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