About me

Hello,  I’m Teodor Costachioiu and I live in Bucharest, Romania. I was born in 1974, and I’m an electronics engineer.

This blog is not about my work, but it’s about electronics as a hobby. Over the course of time I have developped a lot of small projects that fall in the hobby area. I believe that practicing electronics as a hobby provides is a great learning tool, and I hope that all the experiments, projects and stuff you will find here will be useful to you.

I know that the theory behind the projects is sometimes complicated, and I don’t have the space to cover everything. For this there are a lot of books that provide a better introduction in electronics that I could be able to provide. So, read and learn.

Since this blog is in its early days, I welcome your comments or suggestions regarding this blog or its contents. Please feel free to comment or use the contact form to drop me some lines.

Have fun!!!