A major overhaul


This week I have decided to perform an extensive maintenance of the blog. Several web host changes over the course of time, plus changes in the plugins and blog themes have left a lot of garbage in the website files and in the database.

This article is more than two years old and might contain obsolete information; it is still kept here for informational purposes.

The result was a very slow blog – mostly due to database errors, duplicated queries, as well as useless queries that were left behind by plugins I no longer use. Add to this a lot of wasted space on the hosting plan.

So it was time to take action – and I have moved the blog to a new installation, with a fresh database, and cleaner WordPress folders.

Now the blog runs much faster, but unfortunately, some things might not work. Such is the case with pictures in older blog posts – those were the most affected by database errors. Rest assured, nothing is lost. It will take a few days to analyze what is loading and what is not, and I will re-upload any missing files from the backups.

As a fun fact, there were two days without Akismet and captcha on the contact form, as I was running both the old site and the new one in staging mode. The result: more than 500 spam comments, plus 35 spam comments on the contact form.

Now everything is back into place so that you can post your comments, and you can write me using the contact form.



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