AS3935: Arduino Uno datalogger

AS3935: Arduino lightning datalogger

In this project I will show you how to build a datalogger for lightning events using the AS3935 sensor and one Arduino Uno. The project uses one Thunder click board from MikroElektronika placed on an Arduino UNO click shield, and one microSD shield from Sparkfun.

We start from the Arduino Uno, which is a 5V board. The Thunder click comes from the factory set for 3.3V operation, so I have to move the 0Ohm jumper to the 5V position and then place it in socket #1 of the Arduino Uno click shield. The second socket remains empty.

I know there is a microSD click board adapter, but that click board runs only on 3.3V. As such, I had to find another way to add a microSD card to my system: the microSD shield from Sparkfun is just what I needed, as it has the logic level translators needed to use the SD cards in a 5V system.

Parts for the AS3935 Arduino datalogger: AS3935 thunder click, Mikroe Click shield, Sparkfun SD card shield and Arduino UNO
Parts for the AS3935 Arduino datalogger

All parts stacked together, and we are ready to write the software:

AS3935: Arduino datalogger final project
AS3935: Arduino datalogger